• In The Nursery – Cause And Effect 2002 – Belle Epoque (Chandeen, Harald Löwy)
    TITLE : Belle Epoque (Interpretation)
    ARTIST : In The Nursery
  • ALBUM : Cause + Effect

    1.A Rebours (Against Nature)

    2.Angelorum (Fifth Angel)

    3.Love Will Tear Us Apart (Again)

    4.Belle Epoque (Interpretation)

    5.Corruption (Sister & Brother)

    6.Miracle Road (Do You Remember?)

    7.Hymn Noir (Robotwerk)

    8.And Your Eyes (And Your Soul)

    9.To The Faithful (In Remembrance)

    10.El Secreto (It)

    11.L’Esprit (Angeldustrial)

    12.Chronicle (Retold) 13.Caprice (Levity)