• Commanding The Fury
    TITLE : Commanding The Fury
    ARTIST : Mikolai Stroinski
  • ALBUM : The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Original Game Soundtrack)

    01.The Trail
    02.Geralt Of Rivia.
    03.Eredin, King Of The Hunt
    04.Wake Up, Ciri
    05.Aen Seidhe
    06.Commanding The Fury
    07.Emhyr Var Emreis
    09.King Bran’s Final Voyage
    10.Silver For Monsters…
    11.Whispers Of Oxenfurt
    12.The Nightingale
    13.City Of Intrigues
    14.The Hunter’s Path
    16.Kaer Morhen
    17.Eyes Of The Wolf
    18.Witch Hunters
    19.…Steel For Humans
    20.Fate Calls
    21.The Vagabond
    22.Cloak And Dagger
    23.Forged In Fire
    24.Yes, I Do…
    25.Welcome, Imlerith
    26.Drink Up, There’s More!
    27.After The Storm
    28.Blood On The Cobblestones
    29.Farewell, Old Friend
    30.The Song Of The Sword-Dancer.
    31.The Hunt Is Coming
    32.Family Matters.
    33.No Surrender
    34.Child Of The Elder Blood.
    35.In The Giant’s Shadow
    37.Bonnie At Morn (Instrumental).
    38.At War!.
    39.Back On The Path
    40.Words On Wind
    41.A Story You Won’t Believe
    42.When No Man Has Gone Before.
    43.Like A Wounded Animal
    44.I Name Thee Dea And Embrace Thee As My Daughter
    46.The Tree When We Sat Once
    47.Go For It
    48.The Wolf And The Swallow
    49.On Thin Ice
    50.Trial Of The Grasses
    51.Hjalmar’s Axe
    52.The Big Four
    53.The Shrieker Contract
    54.The Possesion Of Jarl Udalryk
    55.Another Round For Everyone
    56.Conjunction Of The Spheres