• Forrest Gump – Alan Silvestri – Run Forrest Run
    TITLE : Run Forrest Run
    ARTIST : Alan Silvestri
  • ALBUM : Forrest Gump (Original Motion Picture Score)

    1.I’m Forrest… Forrest Gump
    2.You’re No Different
    3.You Can’t Sit Here
    4.Run Forrest Run
    5.Pray With Me
    6.The Crimson Gump
    7.They’re Sending Me to Vietnam
    8.I Ran and Ran
    9.I Had a Destiny
    10.Washington Reunion
    11.Jesus On the Main Line
    12.That’s My Boat
    13.I Never Thanked You
    14.Jenny Returns
    15.The Crusade
    16.Forrest Meets Forrest
    17.The Wedding Guest
    18.Where Heaven Ends
    19.Jenny’s Grave
    20.I’ll Be Right Here
    21.Suite from Forrest Gump