• 24 I Cannot Run Away

    TITLE : I Cannot Run Away
    ARTIST : 横山克
  • ALBUM : TVアニメ「空挺ドラゴンズ」Original Soundtrack

    1.Orochi Hunter
    2.Set Sail!
    3.Shit, I Used a Stun-Lance
    4.What Happened!?
    5.Airship Quin Zaza
    6.Dragon Is a Treasure!
    7.That Light
    8.A Day of a Sailor
    9.Out of the Storm
    10.Vanabelle’s Nude
    11.Dirty Minded Boys
    12.Strangers of This Town
    13.I Don’t Belong Anywhere
    14.Rounded Dragon ★
    15.Give Me Food
    16.Quin Zaza’s Crisis
    17.My First Butcher
    19.This World
    20.A Day in a Pub
    21.I’m Katja
    22.Fallen Dragon
    23.Run for Your Life!
    24.I Cannot Run Away
    25.Break Time
    26.I Was Worried About You
    27.Serious Face
    28.Unanswered Question
    29.I’ve Never Seen Such a Beautiful World
    30.Lost Control
    31.Did She Just Fall?
    32.In the Blue
    33.I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry
    35.Today’s Dish
    36.Chain of Life
    37.I’m a Dragon Hunter
    38.Bad Feeling
    39.You Don’t Call This Meat
    40.Jump, Takita!
    41.Horde of Dragons
    42.This Is Where You Belong
    43.Journey Goes On