• SAILING AWAY – Hior Chronik Feat. Amber Ortolano (Official Video)

    TITLE : Sailing Away (Featuring Amber Ortolano)
    ARTIST : Hior Chronik
  • ALBUM : Taking The Veil

    1.London Bridges (Featuring Amber Ortolano)
    2.Nest of Autumn (Featuring Sophie Hutchings)
    3.Twice (Featuring Amber Ortolano)
    4.Small Wonders (Featuring Yasushi Yoshida)
    5.Cold Winter Morning (Featuring Lüüp)
    6.Simple Is Beautiful (Featuring Field Rotation)
    7.Sailing Away (Featuring Amber Ortolano)
    8.We Are All Snowflakes (Featuring Yoshinori Takezawa)
    9.Oblivion (Featuring Field Rotation)
    10.Can You Hear (Featuring Familiar Trees)
    11.When the Night Comes (Featuring Daphne Farazi)
    12.Between Two Rooms (Featuring Seiji Takahashi)
    13.The Sense We Make (Halo)
    14.Quiet Inside Your Chest (Featuring Aaron Martin)
    15.The Ghost You Left Behind