• CLASSROOM OF THE ELITE Season 3 and Season 2 OST Sailor Ichinose

    TITLE : Sailor Ichinose
    ARTIST : 橋口佳奈
  • ALBUM : TVアニメ『ようこそ実力至上主義の教室へ』オリジナル・サウンドトラック (2nd Season & 3rd Season)

    1.Classroom of the Elite 2nd
    2.Slow Chirp
    3.Neural Network
    4.Headlight Panic
    5.Love Gravity
    6.Uniform Gathering
    7.Broken Compass
    8.Sports Day Cheer
    9.Lovely Petals
    10.Vintage Box
    11.Wolf by the Ear
    12.Emperor Ryuen
    13.Banana Grooves
    14.Full Throttle
    15.Dark Hush
    16.Per Plex Ity
    17.Sports Day Pole Down
    18.Hangout Session
    19.Black to White
    20.Smiling Shadow
    21.Victory Blow
    22.Flare Glare
    23.Crying Keys
    24.A Class Arisu
    25.Sports Day Relay
    26.Recess Lullaby
    28.Ambient Punch
    29.Shining Gals
    30.Twilight Bell
    31.Sinister Schemes
    32.Sour Laughter
    33.Sailor Ichinose
    34.Evil IQ
    35.Red Ride
    36.Wrong Power
    37.Teenage Nocturne
    38.Noble Silhouette
    39.Cold Vote
    40.Teardrop Solo
    41.Situation X
    42.Marching Tactics
    43.Blue Fight
    44.Glowing Hearts
    45.Intellectual Eyes
    46.Aconite Kushida
    47.Glorious Glory
    48.Heartache Heartbreak
    49.Sneaky Sneaker
    50.Oh My My
    51.Sweet Brew
    52.Acting Chairman Tsukishiro
    53.Re: Mate
    54.Classroom of the Elite 3rd
    55.Dance In The Game (Anime Size)
    56.人芝居 (Anime Size)
    57.マイナーピース (Anime Size)
    58.今世大革命 (Anime Size)
    59.Fixer (Anime Size)