• Solas-Coconut dog/morning dew
    TITLE : The Coconut Dog / Morning Dew
    ARTIST : Solas
  • ALBUM : Waiting for an Echo

    1.The Hanover Reel / John James’ Reel / The Copperplate

    2.The Silver Dagger

    3.Tom Sullivan’s / Mick’s Polka / The Newmarket Polka

    4.On a Sea of Fleur de Lis

    5.The Night Visit

    6.The Coconut Dog / Morning Dew

    7.Doireann’s Waltz


    9.The Ballerina Jig


    11.The Ploughman

    12.Steven Campbell’s / The Road to Ringussoon / The Bag of Beer

    13.Mi Pequena Estrella (Little Star)